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  1. I just did it. Performance is the same. Thanks for the help though!
  2. Thanks folks. Ya i have a feeling its partly the game design. I know anything else will run fine
  3. anyone have a safe site for DDU download?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Ya my pred 3 is 240hz but i think its only 1080p. I will try to uninstall all the drivers and start from scratch.
  5. Well I don't have other games that i wasn't already hitting max frames. I was using a 2060 super and getting 300fps on overwatch. Really i want 240 fps in warzone because i have a 240hz monitor. I am running in 1080p should I change that?
  6. I am hoping someone can shed some light on why this is happening. Heres the scoop. Just got an MSI RTX 3080 Trio (finally) and I started using it last night. My previous card in this build was a 2060 super. The bench marks i did using userbenchmarks.com blew the old card away by over 100%. (97% - 224%). The issue of non-performance came up when I started playing COD Warzone. Prior to the swap I was running at 144fps flat. With the exact same graphics settings i am only getting on average an extra 20-30 frames. The peaks and valleys are way higher and lower