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  1. Hi, He is using a "be quiet!" dark power pro 900W PSU (model: BQT P8-PRO-900W) I think the 1660s might be actually a good choice, its not very old (from Q4 2019), seems to handle quite newer games in 1080p with high settings. Not sure how much throttling there would be because of the PCIe 3.0 it was designed for and with the X5690 I thought as a replacement (probably needs some OC). The only thing I see is that it has not a lot of connectors (only 1xDP, 1xHDMI and 1xDVI), would have loved to see the same connectors like for example on the 1070 (2xHDMI, 2xDP and 1xDVI), but
  2. Resolution 1080p with 60 Hertz (does it make sense?), not sure if more is actually possible with his hardware. Need to ask him about psu wattage and rating, I do not remember it anymore. Lets keep budget away at the moment, as I want to know what the motherboard can handle at it´s best
  3. Sorry, I meant to upgrade his actual installed HDD to a SSD now
  4. Hi Guys, My brother has this old computer with the Asus Rampage III Extreme Motherboard and I wanted to upgrade some components on it, so that it might be still useful for him even for gaming. My plan and research so far: Upgrading with: CPU: Intel Xeon X5690 Ram: Crucial CT2K102464BD160B - 3 x 16GB Kit (48GB in total), the board actually only supports 24GB in total on paper, but with the Xeon processor, it is actually capable to handle 48 GB of ram HDD: SSD BIOS: Modded one for this particular motherboard to unleash more potential GPU: ? Absolutely no
  5. Hi Guys, I have actually the same question as the thread owner for the same motherboard model. Can someone tell me which gpu card would be the last and best match for this motherboard model without being throttled, because of the old PCIe 2.0 Revision?