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  1. If I turn it down more, that defeats the point of me even playing that particular game ;D And also, that wasn't happening before removing the card. It might be updates and such but I thought that it was connected to removing the card to install the AIO or something.
  2. So I played two quick matches in Modern Warfare now. One without the OC and one with it, while watching the same video twice. Without the OC I dropped around 20% of the frames. With the OC I only dropped 11%. So the OC even helps my card with that it seems, so that doesn't work to fix it sadly.
  3. Temps of the GPU are at most at 70-72°C, the CPU is at around 55-75°C depending on use while gaming. RAM runs in Dual-Channel yes Reinstalling windows... yeah, that would be my last resort as well, but I want to avoid that at all costs at the moment, because I hate doing that and that might not even be the solution to that I might do that sooner or later since I'm having some other strange issues with internal windows programs like the game bar and such things.
  4. Hello, I recently acquired an AIO for my Ryzen 1800X and had to take out the graphics card in order to install it properly and easily. Now since then (at least I think so) when I play games (like Warzone or other slightly more demanding titles) the videos I am watching on another monitor are stuttering and drop frames a lot. Yet that also includes overall PC performance while a game is running. Websites load slowly and stutter, chat programs lag and all that stuff. That only happens when the GPU is at around 90-100% but I would think that wasn't happening before I took it out to in