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  1. Hi all. im unable to save scores on my cinebench. i tried the file > quit option. and select yes yet when i close it and reopen it. im unable to see the scores of the previous one. any one have any fix?
  2. Vengeance LPX. But another question. i got the corsair RGB fans ML140. is there anyway to set the colour to be the one i wan right when i start my cpu? as currently im experiencing the fact that the colour is rainbow when i on the PC. and when i log in, the colour change back to the one i set.
  3. Singapore. The price is okie as far as i can see. corsair vengeance 3600mhz. Just for the looks. But i have decided to go for a air cooler
  4. whatever that comes with the case.
  5. But for the front? do i need any? as i might mostly go for atc800
  6. if i were to get the ML140/ ML120, do i mount this fan in the front or top and rear?
  7. meaning my choices will be more limited.
  8. what air cooler will u recommend?
  9. I like the design so i unable to change it... but any recommendations on how to make a better airflow?