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  1. Thanks for the reply really thought nobody was going to answer me. There is an update that i am doing right now. I tried to play some Arma 3 which ran fine before but now I get 60 fps with unbelievable stutter whenever i turn the mouse. I hope the update wil fix this. If not im thinking of a factory reset.
  2. Hi, So I messed up and spilled some ginger tea (treating covid) on my pc case and it got all over the GPU and motherboard. As you would expect I instantly turned the pc off and grabbed some paper towels (only thing I used while cleaning) and started wiping everything. The backside of my GPU caught pretty much all of the liquid so i wiped it well. I left the PC to dry for 12 hrs. Thankfully I think I wiped everthing pretty quickly so the pc booted up fine after a few failed boots with the screen glitching (obviously GPU). So now I get to the actual point of this topic. I