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  1. My acer nitro 5 has went into a startup repair loop with no escape I can’t even re install windows or repair off the cloud it got out of it before and I don’t know how it’s a brand new laptop and should not be doing this
  2. Yeah right now it’s freezing and my cpu is dropping to 20% usage so most likely a ram problem as well
  3. It’s a 500 gig nvme drive and there’s only 14 gigs free so that could be the problem the temperature is around 70-80 on the cpu 51 on the gpu and my computers built in cpu usage measure says it’s only using 50% other than tasks manager saying it’s using 100%
  4. It’s brand new bought about a month ago it’s a nvme drive and almost full it has about 60gb free it ran it before but idk why now also I tried closing programs that use cpu and it’s usualy using 80-90% of the cpu
  5. Hi I’m wounding if this would be a ram or cpu bottleneck I have a lot of programmings installed and Ik the game ran extremely well when I first got the pc I have a screenshot of task manager i59300h gtx1650 and 8gb soodim ddr4
  6. I have a problem with my pc boot loping it was moved to a new case and heat sink and after that it started doing this the drive boots fine in another machine here is vid https://youtube.com/shorts/n9FhapBDtEQ?feature=share
  7. What about swapping the cpu for a phenomenon x4 cpu
  8. I’m wondering if my 240 way psu would run the The graphics card Ik it would be slightly hindered because of the atholon x2 cpu I just wanna play games like gta 5,storm works and scrap mechanic
  9. Hello I need help wondering if I can put a 750 TI in my small form factor PC It only has a 240 psu with an and athlon ii x2 b24 with 4 gigs of ddr3 that I will soon be upgrading I’m wondering if my psu will handle the load of the cpu and gpu I don’t care about life of the psu I just don’t want it to shut off i would really like some help on this that would be great there is also a network card drawing a bit too (tp-link tl-wn881nd)