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  1. In the modern world, science and technology are fast-growing things, and as we can see a lot of new space technologies are about to be produced or invented. Which one do you expect the most and which one do you think might be the most useful for humans or for space exploration?
  2. Nowadays, private space company really succeeded and manufactures pretty good technology and space vehicle. What do you think is the most advanced private space company ( except Space X ) at the present time?
  3. The company I`ve read about is called Dragonfly Aerospace and it manufactures different types of microsatellites I`ve mentioned before ( I mean the kind of satellites that observes collecting agricultural data and tracking environmental changes.)
  4. I`ve read only about the space company that manufactures this new kind of satellites. Some of these satellites are only 45kg and less than 1 m in length and that made really interested in that stuff. Such a small think can do so many operation.
  5. Have you ever heard about satellites that observe collecting agricultural data and tracking environmental changes? Personally, I`ve recently heard about such kind of microsatellites that been manufactured by the space company from South Africa.
  6. Does anybody have a piece of information about microsatellites? I wanna know the capability they have, what kind of mission they have, will microsatellites be able to substitute the satellites we have now?
  7. The private space company from South Africa participates in space exploration and do it rather successfully? They have rather interesting projects like microsatellite space missions. Personally, I`ve never heard about such kind of missions)
  8. It is proved that there is no planet in the Solar system galaxy like Earth where humans could live without any problems. Yeah, it might be other galaxies where might be the planet like Earth, but this idea is barely plausible. Why we should spend billions of dollars on colonizing planets with the harsh environment and low temperature like Mars, when we can save Earth.
  9. What type of program it is? Could you please tell me more information about this project or send some links?
  10. I just wanna say that there are more important space missions that can be better for Earth. For example, there are special satellites that observe glacial changes from space and by doing that makes scientists work easier in preventing Earth from global warming.
  11. Frankly, to say, I am not certain that it`s possible to make the mission to Mars until 2024 or 2026. First, of all, it`s very risky for the crew. The journey to Mars is not a piece of cake and it needs very advanced technology humans don`t have now. Second of all, being on Mars is also dangerous stuff. The red planet has really harsh environment, high level of radiation, and low temperature. All that stuff is dangerous for astronauts even if they get there. Last, of all, there are more important space projects that can be really important. For example, satellites that help to preserve Earth.
  12. And as for me, the best option is to improve robotic missions and make uncrewed spacecraft. This type of space mission is a cheaper and much safer way to explore space.
  13. Have you ever heard about the Nano satellites by the company Skyrora and how beneficial they are for our environment? Variations in glacial change are the key indicators of regional climate change. The regulation of water balance is often controlled by glacial change and movement. In global warming conditions, glaciers degrade and recede, which is expressed in the related changes in sea levels. Monitoring glacial melting is imperative to studies concerning ocean level changes. In a nutshell, they control the process of glaciers melting and assists the scientists whose aim is to prevent glacier
  14. Have you ever heard about the manufacturing of hybrid rockets? Personally, I had bumped into such kind of information recently and I was really surprised when I found out that hybrid rockets exist
  15. Have you ever heard about a Nano satellite which is about to send soon. In the next two months, four shoe box-sized, government-funded satellites will run alongside an orbital global fleet of space objects in low Earth orbit. It` said that The nanosatellites due for launch are approximately no larger than the size of a shoe box, though can carry out all functions of that of a conventional satellite. The nanosatellites were entirely designed and manufactured by Spire Global UK, having integrated and tested the complete spacecrafts in the company’s headquarters based in Glasgow.