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  1. So quick update: Flashed bios to latest version but still only shows up as 1gb in bios but 8gb(1gb usable) in windows, using 256mb from each stick for some reason. Gonna add pics of my old memory and new ones. Old one being the corsair and new kingston.
  2. I have a old computer with a GIGABYTE GA-X48T-DQ6 motherboard. I used to run 2x2gb RAM sticks in it before one stopped working. So I decided to go 8gb (4x2gb) RAM since the motherboard supports it. However when I installed my new memory which is of the same speed as the old one BIOS only detects 256mb of RAM from each stick but in windows it shows up as 8GB (1GB USABLE) scuffed phone pic included. If I use one of the old sticks it still shows up as 2gb. Would really love to get this beast(2008 beast) up and running since it still rocks older games like wow etc which I mainly play.