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  1. Thank you for the response. I will try manually setting the voltage. I thought that might force it to a constant voltage which is why I hesitated. And I know cores can do that, I was adding that in to make sure those speeds were normal with the voltage and temps.
  2. Just finished my new setup, and I'm concerned with the CPU voltage and constant fan ramp up. Asus Dark Hero 5900x 3600 CL16 Crucial Ballistix Using the latest bios, HWMonitor v.1.43.0 shows all cores hitting 1.500 V repeatedly while doing simple tasks such as Chrome browsing. I have not changed any BIOS settings other than enabling DOCP (X.M.P. thing to set the RAM speed and timings). HWMonitor also reports some cores reaching 4949 MHz, with the lowest core being 4599 MHz (the max column). Is there a Zen 3 tuning guide for Asus mobos like