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  1. @SupaKomputa Feels like a Ryzen 7 is just more future proof, because I don't plan on upgrading again in the next 6 years probably.. So, my current needs don't require it, but my future would.. :)
  2. @SupaKomputa I didn't go for Intel since my intel dual core e6600, not sure about going back to Intel.. Ryzen has been crushing the game lately, so I am not even thinking about switching to the blue side.
  3. @Duckster No, I really meant 5700x which should be out at Q1 2021.. I don't really mind the new motherboard, it is time to upgrade everything, so yeah, I counted on that too.. I just don't want to bottleneck my pc with an RTX 3070 while running an FX8320 and 6gb of ram..
  4. Hello everyone, I'd have a question, actually I'd need a recommendation.. Currently I am rocking an FX8320, R9 270 and 6gb of DDR3 Ram (yea, pretty old and weird).. I am planning to make an upgrade but I am not ready to give out 1.5k euros at once, so I wasn't sure what would be the first thing I should upgrade.. The plan is to go for an Ryzen 7 5700x, 32gb of ram first, or Should I first go for a Graphics card like an RTX 3070? I do play a lot of games, been doing that for a long time, but I also do sound work in Cubase, I use a lot of VST instruments, ect. I am just not su