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  1. I ended up saving some money compared to an S10 and other flagships since the Mate can be had for under $700. Didn't think anything could pry me away from Snapdragon based phones but very impressed with Kirin. If you plan to unlock the bootloader, other brands are better than Huawei in that regard. Also if you are in the US, you lose warranty options compared to other brands. Despite all of these flaws, it was the best option for me. The new one plus 7 pro just launched yesterday, you should consider that phone too.
  2. I bought the Mate 20 Pro. Slightly cheaper than other flagships since it's a 2018 phone but the cameras and the battery life are really good. 2k amoled screen is great, I'm happy with the audio but it's not the best compared to other top phones.
  3. Poco F1 is great phone, can't think of a phone in the price range that beats the bang for buck
  4. When I first moved the PC into the living room, I used Kodi. While the lapdog is functional, I used Kodi because it let me navigate using a gamepad while leaned back in the couch rather than leaning forward to use the lapdog on the table or being held captive by it when I place it in my lap. I now use gopher though it's not perfect for 4k, it's easy to miss placing the cursor in the desired spot, it can take a few tries. No other player I tried came close to MPC's improvement in image quality. I realize I may be an outlier here, it may not have the same impact for everyone but it b
  5. I've been using VLC for a long time, last year I moved my PC into the living room and went with a 65" 4K TV.I didn't know that a media player utilized GPU to enhance video playback existed and when I first heard about it,I dismissed the benefits as placebo effect and gimmicks but installed it to try it out anyway. Didn't do a direct comparison between different media players, just setup basic upscaling settings and didn't do any further testing. Fast forward to last week, I didn't know how good I had it until I decided to do a fresh OS install and tried media playback before reinstalling MPC&a
  6. *I am in no way affiliated with MSI, Corsair or any other brands I may mention here. I wish I were though. It was difficult to classify as into which sub forum I should post this thread in since it's kind of a build log but I've started building this PC about 2 years ago. there are some truly bizarre coincidences, the last one drove me to post the whole history. I didn't think it would be appropriate for the build log section of the forum so I'm posting this in OT, mods feel free to move it if there is a sub forum where it belongs more than here. I'll update the thread
  7. You could shave a few bucks off with buying windows on reddit or [H] forum, I believe WIN10 goes for $20. If you want to save money and don't mind used components, have you considered a 980TI instead? It's not too far behind the 1070 performance wise and goes for $300. I just got a second one myself, out of principle I didn't want to pay above MSRP for the 1070. EDIT: What the other poster said is probably correct, I haven't looked into WIN10 prices in a while.
  8. I want the Razer Blade 14 but only if Linus licked it.
  9. The prices listed for displays and processors are misleading. I've worked at places* where I had access to discreete info, there are discounts exclusive to mass orders, kept from "smaller" (think less than 50k quantites) customers. I enjoy teardowns as much as the next guy but there is a price we pay when we order a part from a "LG direct" catalogue, there is another price a small company like Wasabi Mango pays and then there is the price that mass order customers leverage, think, Microsoft or Sony orders. R&D is expensive, people tend to underestimate the entire cost of develo
  10. Every once in a while, a thread like this pops up and inevitably, some idiots try to make arguments to justify piracy. Fact is, you are obtaining a product or service for free that legitimate users pay for. Only an underdeveloped brain can conclude that this is somehow ok. Making the argument that the original content has not been removed just because you copied it to justify downloading games or movies is retarded. Please, take that argument to court, I hope you get a long sentence. I don't personally care what the piracy defenders do. However, it would be beneficial t
  11. It's not well visible because of the color scheme but the max is 1852. I wouldn't put too much value in the RPM stats, a lot of individual factors come into play.