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  1. Yes, they are shipping with this now. I received my 420 with these brackets. However, on my X570 Aorus Master, using the offset mounting is not possible due to interference with top M.2 slot.
  2. It only matters on this one to the extent that you want to use the offset mount for Ryzen 3000/5000 that the manufacturer states will improve performance - if you do not mount with VRM fan pointing up the cold plate will not make contact on about 10% of the CPU. It definitely pulls more than 1.3 volts now for the entire test now. Previously would start there and throttle back below that mark when it hit 85C or so.
  3. Was using Ryzen Master with XMP - 3600Mhz CL16. Figured it out though. Was the mount. Not the paste, but the interference meant that rotating the cold plate 180 degrees plus still using the Ryzen 3000 offset point meant that it wasn't making contact with about the 10% of the CPU in the north-south direction. It was obvious based on the outlines of the paste when removed. Keeping the 180 degree rotation but using the standard AM4 mount point made full contact and I dropped to about 79 C on the same test, which is about 6 lower than the Dark Rock. That is something fo
  4. Well, having both side panels and front panel off makes zero difference. Maybe 1 degree C. Reaching these temps in a matter of a minute or less and has to back off to 4050 Mhz boost. Basically the same behavior as with Dark Rock but actually a couple of degrees hotter.
  5. @narrdarr I will definitely try that fan layout. Will double check paste spread, but I would think it's pretty good. I spread it corner to corner before mount (how I've always done my paste) rather than just doing dots. Mounting this was a little problematic - There is an offset mount for Ryzen 3000 on this cooler that when oriented per the directions, the mounting clip hit motherboard components. I rotated all aspects of the mount/coldplate 180 degrees and still maintained the offset mounting position. The 360 rev3/420 seems to mount pretty differently than previous vers
  6. I don't think it is magic, but have seen benchmarks that have the 280 version running cooler than high end air, so of course would expect that or better from the 420. Understood about the airflow - would it make sense to run this as an intake then and change other fans in the case to all exhaust?
  7. Need some help figuring out what might be going on. This is my first AIO. Setup was: Ryzen 3800x Fractal Define S2 Case Dark Rock Pro 4 Cooler 2 x Silent Wings 3 High Speed 140mm intake at front of case 1 x Silent Wings 3 High Speed 140mm exhaust at back of case Top panel was open Liquid Freezer 420 was top mounted exhausting air through top vent in push (default) config. Left other fans in place. Previous Prime95 small FFT temp was 84c - 85c but now hitting 89c - 90c. Idle temps are about the same, maybe 1 or 2c lower with arctic. Didn't have