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  1. Hey Again! I now got the Ticwatch GTX in my hands. Got it cheap for ~35 euro and I thought why not. Thus far it works fine, but I do not get any notifications from my smartphone. - No Whatsapp - No eMail - No incoming calls I already uninstalled the watch and everything and now Im at the point when I try to connect it to my phone, I get a network error. Smartwatches start to annoy me, because my very cheap one hat those problems in the beginning as well and yeah, Im almost done with those Smartwatches. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks a lot! I will look into those suggestions. Already helps a lot
  3. Hey guys! I am looking for a new kind of a Smartwatch. So far I am using a really cheap fitness tracker for like 20 Euro from Amazon. Now I want got get a bit fancier and I am not really sure whats the best. Basically I want the following features: - Heartbeat tracker - Displaying Messages from Apps, SMS etc. - Calendar function - Easy to use - Seeing incoming calls The Smartphone im using is the Samsung Galaxy A21s. When I order something, it must be available in Europe but this should not be a problem for me to find suggeste