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  1. psu wasnt faulty neither was gpu they both worked fine before we swapped the cpu, we cleared the CMOS like 300 times it doesnt do anything, there doesnt seem to be any physical damage on the motherboard (we checked capacitors) we also took out the ram and cleaned it, this changed the booting from no post booting back to the thing it was doing before, loop booting.
  2. We installed the 1400 back in and bow the pc just doesnt post, the fans spin in a wierd cycle, rgb works but no output for keyboard or monitor
  3. Thank you for the information, were going to try this tommorow first thing. We fought this was way worse like a faulty cpu or smthg but that is pleasing to know that all it could be is a required BIOS update, we were searching for solutions for like 4 hours before i posted here and couldn't find anything that worked. so hopefully this works which it should.
  4. No because we cant acces the bios, and would a required bios update have similar symptons to this i heard it would only impact performance and stabilty.
  5. One of my freinds had a computer with a r5 1400, asrock a-320m motherboard, with a 400w psu for a while and decided to start upgrading his parts, he got a new psu that is 500w a new 1660 super, and now got a new cpu (ryzen 7 2700x), and is planning on getting a new board because the a320 is just a massive bottleneck in general. We installed the new cpu combined with the wraith prism cooler. after we got it mounted we started up the pc... the fans, rgb and other lights all turned on graphics card started spinning. none of the peripherals recieved pwr output from the pc and there was also no vid