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  1. Mission unsuccessfully executed, well get em next time
  2. I fixed this problem by opening up steam, going into the games properties by right clicking on the title, i selected launch options in the general tab, then i set the game to launch in windowed mode. Insert “-windowed” into the launch options. Then the game worked and ran just fine.
  3. Whenever i launch my halo maste chief collection, i get a notification saying fatal error, I’ve tried a variety of things such as giving the game administrator priorities, updating my windows 10, installing and uninstalling the anti cheat, ECT. Does anyone else have this error? Does anyone know how to fix it?
  4. That sounds about right, it will probably be hard for him to get one for this build since he says he has a deadline of 12/20. I also just read NVIDA is releasing a 3060ti tomorrow ($400usd)
  5. Is this a good card to buy? I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a 3070, however this has become a struggle, should i go for the 3060 tomorrow?
  6. I think that would be the best choice as well, when do y’all think the next restock of the cards will be?
  7. Oh sorry i just read that this card will be out of reach for you.
  8. I have a precisely similar build going for me. I am currently waiting for the 3070 to release again, i have no clue how long i need to wait. It will be under your budget as well after it releases