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  1. So I´m trying to connect my PS5 to my 1080p/144hz monitor on my desk and to my 4k/120hz TV next to it so I can choose on which I can play without having to physically switch around the cables. So I was hoping someone could help me find something like a HDMI 2.1 switch because I only found 4k/60 switches with HDMI2..0.
  2. First time on the forum with a rather basic question: In the atteched picture (https://imgur.com/a/MrIgTPu) you can see how I imagine this setup. It´s fine if only one of the monitors is able to output at 144Hz. Can somebody give me a tip on where to find something like that? Thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/a/MrIgTPu Edit: added imgur link for picture