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  1. 1 tb but I just want to sleep on this
  2. How would I be able to fix that, also some information to know I recently took apart my pc and put it back together bc of dust. Everything seemed normal but it obviously wasn't (everything was in the right place, and someone from Microsoft support had the same problem once)
  3. I have a corrupted hard drive and was attempting to reinstall windows 10 64bit and it didn't work at all until I booted from the usb, so I finally booted from the usb and I started doing the install I deleted all my partitions and thought I was done. It got to 17% completion and then it just said cannot complete install and quote unquote "anything you have done will not be saved" I restart thinking u know what I can handle the crashes every 10 minutes, and then this happened (picture below). So I disconnected the usb Ctrl alt del and the thing said no operating system again.