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  1. Yea, not audiophile so can't answer on that front, but the hinges are a real problem which I'm not sure affects the arctis 5s, 85% of the headphones I've seen with this problem have been arctis pros(both wireless and wired, including my own) and the other 15% have been a mix of 7s and 9s, and this problem seems to be very widespread, so I don't know how much I'd trust them to hold up based on the reliability of their higher end products.
  2. In any case, Hardware Unboxed did a really nice series comparing B550s and X570s (the motherboards that support 5000 series Ryzen sort of out of the box without any difficulty) I recommend giving it a watch, but other than that, I'd say to look into the asus boards as they're the ones that have the best bios GUI(for overclocking, etc), though I'm not sure of which have USB C without doing some research, and other than that, all MSI boards have USB-C for front IO.
  3. The specs you're asking for are a little... low for 250U$D, mine is 130U$D on amazon right now and has everything you're asking for(though the USB C header is for front IO so your case would need to support it, and I tried to go budget midrange) so we need more info. What is this system going to be used for(admittedly not the most important question)? Do you plan to overclock? Which CPU are you looking to get within the 5000 series lineup?
  4. Yea, for csgo, overwatch, and racing games, I'd personally say 144Hz over 1440p any day. Though for a 27" 1440p will certainly look way nicer(if you look at a 1080p from around 2 feet away you can easily distinguish individual pixels), but this is about preference, do you care more about better detail or more up to date, smother, detail? I'd personally go for Hz (Well, I did, have a 27" 1080p 144Hz display siting right in front of me at the moment) but yea, preference. CSGO,Sim Racing=Hz | Gta V,Assassins Creed,RDR2=p
  5. You don't seem to understand, but saying that it is asus doesn't help anything, thet's the same as saying "I have a laptop!", yes, and? Is it a mac? or is it a pc? Are you running linux off of it? For GPUs it's like that, asus sells GPUs with nvidia(3060, 3070, 3080) and with AMD(580, 5700, 6800, 6900) chips, depending on what chip it has, you need to behave differently.
  6. yep, pretty much. if the 1080 works the problem is with the 3070.
  7. This sounds like a problem with the GPU, not drivers, if the problem happens outside of windows drivers have nothing to do with this, I'd say to go to MSI's website and ask for an RMA, your card should still be under warranty. Though before that you can try to reseat the card, it's probably not that, but it can't hurt to try.
  8. If you've really reformatted and reinstalled windows, DDU will do nothing different, DDU is what you use when you want to either switch GPU brand, or reinstall your driver, it's practically the same as reinstalling windows, only less nuclear.
  9. Is it an nvidia or AMD card tho? If nvidia, you can go to the NVIDIA Control Panel, go to "Adjust desktop size and position", and change the "scaling mode" to Full-screen. For AMD it's a little different and I'll need to check a little more before updating this.
  10. That means your bios can't detect your OSs boot loader, this can happen due to multiple reasons, like screwing around with device manager in windows(happened to me), a corruption in the boot loaders data, a malfunctioning drive, etc. The easiest fix is almost certainly reinstalling your OS, though not everyone has the possibility, luckily I was just about to do that when it happened to me.
  11. Outside of budget builds, the AMD 5600x, and even more so the 5900x are the best gaming/streaming CPUs, but those require a dedicated GPU(which is practically imposible to find for anywhere close to reasonable prices) in contrast to Intel and are hard to come by for a reasonable prize in most places(though are available where I live at MSRP for some reason?). It all depends on what's available, and if you want to build now or in half a year will change a lot of factors. Intel is easy to get at, or under, MSRP, so if you don't find AMD for a reasonable price, intel is the only way to go.
  12. But Valve good, Epic bad??? I mean, yea, they are sort of monopolistic and unreasonable, but I still consider valve in general a good company, Humble Bundle has a point, and a case, against valve but Epic has absolutely nothing to do with this. I'd consider Epic Games to be an actually greedy corporation that will end up damaging both consumers(already happened) and developers as soon as they get a chance, Epic would have a monopoly if they could.
  13. Quadros have more precision, faster memory and fail safes built into it, they're made for scientists/data centers, not for gaming. Video rendering/Photo editing hardly needs that power, and they are "slow" for gaming because games don't use these special features at all.
  14. And if that is what you want(and even if you want to keep it as similar as possible, a real upgrade in that ecosystem), we'd need a budget and further information, how is the current system configured? What will be the use case for this PC? What are you looking to get out of this upgrade? Will it be used for gaming? But even if the answer to most of those questions is not important important to you and you want a small upgrade for office work, you'll want an SSD, those make BIG differences for opening windows and productivity with their fast loading times.