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  1. Hello I have an old android 4 tablet that I want to put a modern os on. Can I give it a new edition of android or one of them fancy arm linux? It's not very useful now so I don't mind taking risks with it.
  2. Thanks, for the replies. I've chosen manjaro with plasma, and I think I am going to try mint with plasma added on. I like mint on principle. I honestly never thought of trying plasma before.
  3. Hello. Please help me decide what linux distro to use! I have some preferences and I am looking for suggestions, whether they be distro's or software packages in distros. I am migrating from windows and have been bouncing between zorin, mint, and pop os. -I like a simple office like desktop like mint/zorin because I deal with a lot of files. -I want a distro with lots of utilities like the stuff in windows. (device manager, disk manager, app manager) -I like that pop os auto installs graphic drivers but I also want to keep track of what I have installed; and on other dist