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  1. Update: The PC has powered on, but is stuck in a boot cycle, no display. inconsistency is the bane of my existance
  2. Still nothing after this, though I'll try some different cables soon. tried this, didn't work. I'll get a new CMOS battery, can't hurt to try. At what point do I just buy a new motherboard?
  3. Hi everyone, for the past few weeks my father's pc has been randomly deciding to not power on at all. When I went to take a look at it an hour or two later, it functioned fine. This continued occurring until eventually it stopped powering on at all. I took it apart, swapped power supplies with my current PC and both seemed to work. Problem solved, right? if only. after exhibiting the same issues as before, I swapped back the power supplies and was preparing to take the motherboard out of the case when I decided to give the power button one last try, and it mysterious
  4. I don't think that's the case because not only had it worked for the past few months, but it also worked on my system which has higher end components
  5. Hey everyone, A few months ago, I sold my father my PC after downgrading the GPU and the PSU. (then i built a new one with the recycled GPU and PSU) However, this morning my father's PC decided to not power on at all. I did the usual check of plugs, switches etc. and did not get lucky. I figured that the power supply would be the issue so I tried using my PSU on the faulty system and that worked. Out of curiosity, I tried the 'faulty' PSU on my system and it powered on. ie and TL:DR, his power supply works on my system and not his, my power supply works on both