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  1. It might also be important to note that on Zoom calls my camera is completely fine. There are no filters or anything
  2. Recently I’ve noticed an issue on my PC where certain programs are inverted in color. It started with my camera app(shown below) and then my mp4 player, and now a week later, youtube videos are JUST NOW also inverted. Why is this happening?? I can’t find anything similar to this on any internet forums or videos. It seems everything else is completely fine otherwise.
  3. Yes, the only ones I have noticed are youtube and google drive all day every day for the past two weeks roughly. Twitch and other websites work fine. I checked down detector for those sites but results there vary.
  4. I also tried this and the problem persisted. Sorry I should have included this in the original post!
  5. I thought this could potentially be the issue as well, but I am only noticing network problems on specific websites such as youtube, and when playing games I never have spikes in ping or higher ping than usual. Would this still mean it could be PC orientated?
  6. Reinstalling the browser did nothing to help the issue, and malware bytes gave zero detections. I tried a scan earlier when the problem started and just now and the results were the same. Any other recommendations? Thanks.
  7. I have been having an issue for about 2 weeks with my desktop connecting to my internet. I don't know much about how internet works, but I do know something isn't right. I am having issues loading websites(particularly those from google like youtube and google drive) and I have never had these issues before. My internet speeds are still over 100Mbps like they used to be, my ping is fine, my upload is fine, but when I am trying to load videos or google drive it is just a constant loading screen. I do not have any issues loading youtube or google drive on my phone or my laptop, but my deskt
  8. Would switching to a new mobo and ddr4 ram with higher speeds improve performance?
  9. Currently I have 16gb(4x4gb) ddr3 1333mhz RAM that I purchased 4 years ago. I have never had problems with any games reaching 144 fps to match my monitor's refresh rate until now. I have a 2070 Super, and i7 4790k 4 core @ 4.3 mhz. I am trying not to spend too much on PC upgrades and I'm trying to figure out if I need new RAM. My motherboard (Z97 PC Mate) which I also bought in 2016 I am pretty sure only supports ddr3 ram though. I'm not sure what to do. help