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  1. You were right, I've managed to fix all the issues i've had with my system and everything looks to be running just as smooth as it was before. Thank you alot for your time and help! I hope you have a great Evening!
  2. Edit: My 2nd problem appears to be fixed?? I dont have to visit the bios anymore to properly boot from my m2 ssd. Another problem spawned. After taking a look at the document sheet about my motherboard ive noticed that the factory that configured my pc did a mistake and put the ramsticks into slot 1&3 which results in loss of memory on my board. Swapping it to 2&4 causes my system to be stuck trying to boot, "dram" debug led lights up. removing the 2nd ramstick from slot 4 resolves this issue and i can freely boot. What do i do? BTW: According
  3. It only appears inside the drive management screen, it does however not appear in the explorer. My ssd does appear and is fully accessible too.
  4. Hello, The title says it already. I have two problems one major and one minor problem. My major problem is that my hdd isn't "detected" anymore, i mean windows sees it, the contents are inside it, just as it was before installing the m2 ssd but i cannot access it. I haven't screwed with any partitions or anything in that regard. Ive proven that my disk is working fine by checking the diskmanager, acts as a healthy primary disk partition and the full 2tb are detected too. I know that installing a m2 ssd causes it to disable some sata ports but the ones my ssd an