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  1. Recently released ps5 has no dedicated graphics card like pc.ps5 and xbox series x works on APU Which gives 10 and 12 teraflops respectively. How a console APU provide that much performance comparing to the latest desktop apu of similar ryzen processor Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G.it provide just only 1.1 teraflops (FP32). Why Console apu is 4 times better than desktop apu?
  2. Does h and b series motherboard support xmp profile? How to know a motherboard support xmp profile before buying it? Also how to manually overclock ram if xmp profile not available? Xmp support is ram property or motherboard property?
  3. I have some doubts about overclocking. Pls help me What are the softwares used for overclocking(pls give seperate list for intel and amd) ? is overclocking safe with good cooler and acceptable temperature or it will decrease the life span of motherboard because of voltage increase even with good cooler? how much performa
  4. Can anyone help me to study the basics of PC cleaning? I know there are different ways to clean pc. Using vaccum cleaner, blower, compressed air, isopropyl alcohol etc. I have some questions. Please answer me. 1. Can i use compressed air or iso propyl alcohol to clean motherboard? Does moisture caused by iso propyl alcohol and compressed air damages motherboard components like mosfet, capacitors etc? 2. how to clean the ram and ram slots? Ram contacts can clean by eraser. How to clean the ram parts above contact? 3. can I use compr