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  1. That whould be a great idea but i think i should be realistic and just smoke without a pc but with a laptop
  2. Im going to think it over. But im Afraid thats it, time to go in hibrination And use laptop while i smoke, Before it gets cold go back inside. I have a microsoft surface pro7. Guess it will stay warm, even in the Freezing cold.
  3. Can this cause issues even if it has 12h a day to warm up and dry out?
  4. It rlly is a fwp and i should quit smoking but cant(weak willed). I am basicly evicted to the garden playhouse sadly, so your guess was right on the mark. But i carry the pc no trolley needed.
  5. Thx for the hint turned case fans off but forgot the cpu cooler
  6. So basicly if i take it inside for the night and leave it off it would also be a issue?
  7. I have a big issue with my pc situation. I have a i9 9900k and a nvidea geforce rtx 2080. Im not rich, So you can inmagine its very precous to me. Now the problem is that i use my pc outside the house(not allowed to smoke inside). And its starting to get colder since last night between 3 and -3 in the day. Would this break my pc due to condens or temp shifts ? To clearify i dont turn on my ice cold pc inside. Its only been turned on outside for the past few months. Cpu temp was 8°under full load last night. (aircooled). Should i stop taking it outside starting toda