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About Kieran007

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    Fredericton New Brunswick Canada
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    I.T hardware recommend for 5-6 years
  • Biography
  • Occupation
    Unemployed for now


  • CPU
    Ryzen 2700X
  • Motherboard
    B450 tomahawk
  • RAM
    24GB DDR4
  • GPU
    RX 570 8GB soon to upgrade who knows
  • Case
    Some cooler master mid tower case
  • Storage
    I need more
  • PSU
    XPG 550 watt 80 bronze psu
  • Display(s)
    50 inch Plasma TV from Panasonic reliving the dream hahah
  • Cooling
    Some RGB cooler that came with the 2700X hahah
  • Keyboard
    5$ one that has seen the test of time and jeezus being born
  • Mouse
    Logitech wireless mouse I personally could care less for gaming mouse
  • Sound
    TV speakers or a old antec speaker set depending on the mood
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro for my main rig
  • Laptop
    Lol I wish
  1. Your right. Kinda wish amd made a limited edition card that was a throw back to the 7970 be super cool
  2. Yeah good point Lol there not bad cards even with 2GB video memory they aged like fine like most amd GPUs
  3. Ended up getting these with a trade with a DDR4 8 stick i know there worth more than the stick but should I sell them or keep them ? the card is HD 8870
  4. Not true fully it might be zen 2 but it's still a 6 core if you look at benchmarks 2700x it's about the same or better in gaming and when your using more heavy core depending applications the 2700x pulls ahead
  5. Also 8 cores will go a long way then 6 cores seeing now as 8 cores are being used even with Ps5 and Xbox series x/s
  6. Ryzen 2700x sits between the 3600 and 3700x part from the 2700x lacking pcie 4.0 if you can get cheaper then a 3600 do it. I just bought my 2700x new for 294
  7. I can one up you guys or maybe not but I recently got this with a q6600 and 4GB DDR2 has the I/O shield and the sound card as well