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  1. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/37776515 I understand UserBenchmark isn't a very good benchmark, but how does this look?
  2. I have changed one setting, to make it prefer 5GHz, and it does help a lot. Is there anything else I should change from default?
  3. Hi. I play a lot of Minecraft, and I have 1 question. Does hyperthreading hurt performance, or help?
  4. Sure I guess, but I can't do that right now.
  5. That may be the problem. Try those 3 mods, using Fabric, makes a world of a difference (you may get 500+ fps with the right settings).
  6. Try using Sodium, Lithium, and Phosphor, instead of Optifine if you use it. Much better in my experience
  7. Hi. I recently got a new WiFi card (TP-Link Archer TX50E) as a gift, and it's been great. But I imagine I could get even more out of it. I just want a good balance between latency, and speeds. It will only be on my home network, and it's closeish to my router (same room), if that helps. Thanks in advance!
  8. Will moving my TEMP to my HDD hurt performance of my system though? EDIT: Answered my own question. I don't notice ANY difference in boot times, or general performance. Thanks!
  9. I don't use Shadowplay, but I guess I'll disable RAPID. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! In terms of overprovisioning, should I just set it to 10GB and leave it alone? I currently have it set to 23GB, as that's what Samsung Magician recommended.
  11. SSD I got: Samsung 860 EVO 250GB I've done a couple things already, like overprovisioning, enabling RAPID mode, and setting up TRIM, but what are some other things I can do?