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  1. i would say that DDR4-3000 ram is bottlenecking. AMD wants at least DDR4-3600 to work at full capacity. other than thr ram i would upgrade the cpu (processor) to an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.
  2. wipe the drive completely, reinstall windows
  3. why, just why, would you go with intel?
  4. return the chinese ram and get gskill ram. slightly more expensive, but it is better than 2666mhz
  5. ryzen 5 3400g works good for gaming in my system.
  6. that would be static electricity that your pc does not like. i would buy another case. EDIT: also your gpu is being shorted in its fan control during the static surge.
  7. i just set mine next to my psu. (i also bought a $10 case without drive mounts) but it works fine like that.
  8. atx or micro atx? make sure they are the same on both the motherboard and case.
  9. I would go with a more notable psu brand, for example, coarshair or evaga. It all depends on how much wattage you need. I have a 450 watt psu in my gaming system and it is more than enough. JUST MAKE SURE IT IS RATED 80+ BRONZE, 80+ GOLD, 80+ PLATINUM OR 80+ TITANIUM!!!
  10. you do NOT need to get a wifi card if you are plugging in directly to the router. just to let you know.
  11. @HelpfulTechWizard I looked at this on pcpartpicker, and it looks good. The only thing is that the power supply, I have a 450 watt in my gaming tower, I would like one at least 650 watts in my gaming rig, so if this works good with the original psu (https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Q7L7YJ/corsair-cx-2017-450w-80-bronze-certified-atx-power-supply-cp-9020120-na) it should be good. EDIT: Grammar
  12. I recently built a pc, and want to host my own minecraft server for me and my friends. I am trying to build the best server for 5 people. the cheaper the better. My max budget is $350 including tax. The build so far: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ThePcBuilder3080/saved/39vpHx