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  1. the problem was in my cpu it was in cenebench 3700 on multi and it was running very hot i was about to change the stock cooler and that when i noticed that i haven't locked the cooler the way it should after doing that. now i have 9000 on. enebench x.m.p on
  2. CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 DRAM DDR4 3200
  3. i didn't mention this before but whe n i turn the XMP FOR RAM It get's realy lagy and usually crashes
  4. well the. SMT MODE is on auto soo i think it's enabled
  5. Graphics score 13 388 CPU score 3 578 Time Spy Score 9 486 Good AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Your score 9 486 Average 12 451
  6. i did Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark on highest +raytracing on 1440p i got on average of 41fps
  7. look am kind of noob in this area hahah but i did call l the Nvidia support and i did with them these steps 1 downgrading using DDU 2 reinstall GPU to a different slot 3 reinstalled OS 4 did a stability test for an hour 5 change the power usage from the NVidia panel to maximum performance and enabled debug mode 6 updated bios
  8. no, am using the one that came with my power supply regular PCIe
  9. still the same thing. if you can join me in a TeamViewer or something it would be great
  10. i did downgrade the gpu driver but it did not fix it
  11. cpu usage below 40% ram usage below 60% gpu usage below 20%
  12. cpu usage below 40% ram usage below 60% gpu usage below 20%
  13. soo. i got my hands on msi 3070 ventus 3x and when i play games with it wont pass 80-100 fps on high settings 1440p or 100-140 fps on extremely low 1440p on fortnite, modren warfare. cpu usage below 40% ram usage below 60% gpu usage below 20% i concted the nvidia live chat for help but they told my i have a bottleneck qnd i need to upgrade i have b450 and r7 2700x and 750w i would like if someone can help me though discord or teamviwor or something my discord is : Flaming Nirvana#0016