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  1. Just updating from last night: I had it running seemingly solid on 2 sticks (at only 2133mhz) for a couple hours of gaming (presumably with the 3080 under heavy load and power draw). Following the gaming, it froze again during some normal web browsing. Really have no idea what else to do. Currently running memtest on each of the sticks individually and will report if anything unusual comes up. UPDATE: I've now memtested those two sticks that caused the crash last night. 0 errors reported. Someone please have a suggestion cause I'm stumped.
  2. Not that I know of. I have been pushing my PSU to near it's limits with the 3080... wondering if that's a factor in this. PSU is 650W 80+ Bronze. PCPartPicker lists my setup at around 550W incl. the GPU, so with any serious spikes from the GPU I'm nearly topping out. Also thank you for your suggestions.
  3. Going to start that process tonight. Is it normal for a memory stick to randomly fail?
  4. Hi everyone. Been lurking a long time so it's about time I joined by ...asking for help. Sorry! I'm stumped. In the last week, my PC has started randomly freezing and reporting a DRAM issue via the onboard yellow LED on my mobo. The freezing bricks the PC, leaving the image on the screen, disconnecting all of my peripherals (RGB will go off), and making the power button useless. The only way to shut the PC off is via the switch on the PSU. Sometimes it will reboot right away while other times will require me to physically change the RAM configuration to get it to post. The only thi