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  1. Hi there Ive just finished upgrading to a ROG Strix b550-f motherboard, and a bunch of 3 pinned chassis fans. They are running fairly loudly, and that constantly too. It seems they are running at a constant RPM, instead of a variable one based on, say, cpu heat or whatever, or perhaps based on some settings I could change somewhere, which leads me to the question: Can i adjust the rpm? Is there something in the BIOS or somewhere else I can go to make the fans a bit more quiet? Or is that impossible with 3 Pin Fans, and i just have to plug one (or more) of them out until its quiet eno
  2. Oh shit i put in the wrong ram speed, 2333mhz, thats on me. My goal is to be able to play modern competetive games like the new CODs or Battlefields with 144hz, if not more. I sure as hell know Im not getting that on my current setup, so yeah, a new upgrade may not be MANDATORY, but still something Id look forward to.
  3. Im planning on upgrading almost everything. I currently own an i5-7500, rx 5700 on some ultra-scuffed motherboard thats too small for my case (my dad bought it), 16 gigs of (only) 3200mhz ram, an alright ssd and reliable hdd, and a 750w PU. The planned upgrade contains (if everything works out) a Ryzen 7 5800x, either a next-gen AMD Gpu or an RTX 3080 (less likely), the new evo as NVMe ssd, new ram if I have the budget and obviously a new Motherboard, probably an Aorus Elite x570 or something similair. I realize that the two main parts of this upgrade are currently unobtainable whic
  4. Hi there, Im trying to get myself a Zen 3 Cpu for christmas (leaning toward the 7 5800x, but maybe ill go for the 5, dont quite know yet) but theyve been out of stock since release. Should I wait for more stock in 2021, or maybe even before christmas, or just give it up and buy an older Cpu? Is there even anything known about Zen 3 Restocks? Id appreciate any advice you guys could give me.