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  1. I have an Azure 550M it has HDMI and DP. but won't work without a Ryzen chip that doesn't have integrated video built-in. Otherwise it needs a Graphics Card. Wish it wasn't so, but that's how it's designed. I have a Ryzen 7 3800XT. And it can't run the video ports on the board. The ports are useless.
  2. Don't they need a CPU with a video integration to work?
  3. I built myself a mid-high range gaming PC, with a leaning towards animation, etc. What I am looking to do is challenge myself a bit; I am looking to create a system a little larger than a Mac Mini that will run a Ryzen processor and be a ”portable” Hyper-V and web server. Now, the last time I created a portable server the Pentium 4 was a thing. I know I have some build restraints, but I am facing a problem. All Ryzen processors with integrated video built into them seem to be not on the higher end, or are on the extreme end of cost. Is there