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  1. Thx because in pcpartpicker, it said the two where incompatible. Thx a lot
  2. Hey guys. Do you think the th240 argb rad from thermaltake fits in the thermaltake v250 case?
  3. Ali-Arya65


    Does it matter for a gaming monitor to have gsync?
  4. Hi guys, Do you think, in five months from now, it’s worth buying a nvidia 2080 ti (or two) after prices go down?
  5. I got a question. What’s better: a nvidia 3070 founders edition or an Asus Radeon 5700XT
  6. It’s best to first read the error code. But if the error code shows nothing, it’s likely the PSU. For a PSU, go for something 80+
  7. It could be your PSU, unless it’s in perfect conditions.
  8. Is the Ryzen 7 3700X capable of handling 3600Mhrz ram?

    1. Levent


      Why wouldn't it be?

    2. Lurick


      My 3700X handles it just fine and I can even push the RAM higher to 3800MHz

      Why wouldn't it be able to handle 3600MHz RAM?