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  1. Officially, you are definitely CPU bottlenecked. Realistically, I really don't think its worth it nor will you see much of the gains that I think you're looking for. A lot of times I have to stop myself from going into the perpetual cycle of constantly upgrading to the latest hardware to unlock the full potential of hardware I currently have but unfortunately, one thing will always drag something else down. (I'm sure you know all this, but for newer PC users to reference if they were to come across this)
  2. also, in hindsight I've could have put this in a better thread category... sorry
  3. Hey all! After watching the Techquickie video on the various different display options available, I'm lacking understanding as to why HDMI is often found on everything from TVs, sound systems, consoles, or anything that isn't a PC? You don't have to pay royalties seems like a no brainer for companies to implement the port onto their products... to me at least? The only reason as far as I was able to find was HDMI is an older standard. Any insight, links or whatever is greatly appreciated!