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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys. All the ideas are valid. As in most offices running new/ additional cables is rather hard work. Putting a second switch on the desk(s) is rather impractical, as the phones run off POE, so putting a switch imbetween kind of messes up that. Gigabyte VOIPs are starting at about £100 so I could look in to that for select desktops. I'll read up more on voip phones I work with just out of curiosity to see how they handle the passing through of data to the computers NIC.
  2. It's not needed for the VOIP service of course, that use next to no data. Its the limitation on the phone itself that bugs me. Despite your whole network being gig, most phones will limit the the rest of the through put
  3. On the bottle neck term. Most offices I work on have wire VOIP phones, which are the source of the limitation . So imagine gig internet all the way to every desk. But then they plug in a VoIP phone and then a patch to the PC .. bam every one is basically now on 100Mbps.. because everyone has put ancient phones between them and everything
  4. Thanks:) that's fairly clear to me. I do some network set-ups for offices and upgrades etc. Most office still have wired desk phones, with a shorter patch cable to a desktop PC and the vast majority of the phones appear to be limited to 100Mbps. Hence my wondering :))
  5. But it would be interesting to find out if it's possible and how it would be done.
  6. Thanks for the reply you say not possible but it's probably possible to replace the logic controllers on the devices. But is that the only bottle neck.. that would be really interesting to see. Is it possible to upgrade older devices ? I would have thought so, but involve some soldering and swapping out of parts. But then does the software running some of the devices limit it too.
  7. Are aBoth are directwly wired or wireless to the router? No bridges or access point via the other? Most likely the router isn't keeping pace with the demand. . Can you clarify what your doing when you see this and specify the router
  8. Can LTT tear down a couple of network devices and show us the parts of the product that might determine the maximum speed. And then as a result, show us how you would upgrade a 100Mbs to gig ? I'm thinking in particular a VoIP/ Sop phone, as many of these are limited to 100. And former a bottle neck to the PC in a wired networked office