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  1. can my dp port cable damage my gpu im getting a new vesa certified one. By thw way my dp cable does not pin 20 but on home screen it flickers sometimes and glitches out.
  2. use hdmi if ur using dp cable or use another cable idk it might work i heard ppl say it works
  3. aiyo i bent com1 pins is that fine i mean i aint ever using that but like i have usb kbm gaming mechanical anyways. I have no serial use anyways so will my mobo still run i mean its booting up fine rn i havednt installed win10 on it yet so ye .
  4. ok so my gpu card right i have hdmi from it connected to a tv. My tv is like 6-7 years old and the hdmi cable is old too but my 144hz monitor soon. My tv recognizes signal and says output format and resolution not supported from gpu card. Anything i should be worried bout?
  5. ok so my pc works and i connected to my old tv since i dont have 144hz monitor yet and the old tv says output format not supported but its really old tv and really old hdmi cable anything i should be worried about? It gives power to my usb accessories like m&k and ye and gpu gives power to hdmi lol
  6. my com1 pins are bent is that fine im only gonna be using usb devices anyways will that affect my mobo in any way?
  7. lol i tried connecting my pc via hdmi to my tv too see if everything was good apparently my tv says it recognizes the output but cant launch it due to the resolution and refresh rate so i needa wait for monitor right?
  8. hey guys my gpu fans dont work on the bios so is there an issue i mean they work on startup and I havent even installed windows 10 yet lol
  9. i mean the port lol like ye hopefully pins r workin ye
  10. everything is plugged in on the usb ports
  11. ok the header came of ye but i pushed it back in
  12. Budget (including currency): Country: Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): hey guys i was trying to take off the usb3 connector from the usb3 thing on the motherboard for my case as my cables look bad but it was coming off so i pushed it back in. If my front usb ports dont work i dont really care but I just want to know if my pc will work?