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  1. The 3070 in Canada is around $750+ so a bit out of my price range, but it may be worth the upgrade to match my cpu usage. Going to reinstall the OS now, and see if that solves the issue. Thank you for your input
  2. How would I be able to know if its a problem with the software is there any way to test this out? It`ll be quite a while for me to get one of those unless I buy one from a scalper or wait. Either way thank you for the input!
  3. I've been experiencing a lot of frame rate drops during any game that I've been playing. I built my first pc not knowing about bottlenecking and thus I paired a Ryzen 7 3700x and an Rx 580.For day to day functions it is perfectly fine, however as soon as I boot into a gaming the GPU utilization jumps to100% and fluctuates between 3 - 100 constantly as soon as I move my mouse quickly. Was told that I needed more ram so I added some but to no avail I was still met with the same issue. So when I can afford it I will be upgrading my GPU to something more suited to the build. Specs:
  4. Went to go and get some more ram cleaned up the internal wiring and the problem still persist. Do you have any more suggestions?
  5. I guess another stick of ram wouldn't hurt. No, even on very low it will stutter. Thank you both for your input
  6. Windows 10 64bit, 2 - 8gb 3200mhz DIMM, Ryzen 7 3700x w/ case fan, Gigabyte RX 580, Corsair CXM 650 PSU, 1tb WD HDD storage, 1tb WD m.2 nvme boot drive, Asus Strix X570e - gaming motherboard. All of the most recent driver updates have been installed and it runs fine normally for youtube and daily task. However, as soon as I start any game the frame rate drops significantly I can get up to 125fps when standing still, but when I move my cursor even slightly the game will freeze for a few seconds, lag, or even shut down. This was a second hand build so I wont complain as its my very f