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  1. Soo, in case someone else comes across this topic: Even when you can resolder your PCIE-Slot from the backside, you have another problem. The pinlayout on PCIE a PCIE-Slot is not symmetrical, so when you 'just' flip the connector to the other side, those Pins will be mirrored. The slot cannot be used with a standard riser-cabler anymore. Here is a list of the pinouts of PCIE: https://pinouts.ru/Slots/pci_express_pinout.shtml Thanks for your replys and input.
  2. Yeah this might be the case. I dont know, but maybe there is an angled PCIE-Slot, the same way there are angled 24-pin slots. Also I thought about DIY the whole thing, but I dont think i can solder good enough to resoldet the whole PCIE-Slot.
  3. Hey! I know this might sound stupid on first thought, but bear with me. Soon i want to do my next build, and want to add a watercooled 3080 (if I can get one). To show off the card, I'd like to place it vertically. To do so, I need to use a Riser-Cable. Here is my problem: Plugging the Riser-Cable in the first PCIE-Slot does somewhat block all oher slots from being used, even if my case would me allow to do so. Using a long Riser-Cable and routing it over and around the other cards makes everything untidy and ugly in my opinion. Plugging the Riser-Cable in a lower s