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  1. I've moved the NVME SSD to the top slot behind the gpu, but it still doesn't appear anywhere. Can anyone explain what exactly I need to install to make it show in the bios (and where exactly in the bios?) Samsung NVME driver doesn't run for some reason. Installed Intel optane memory but still nothing works.
  2. Should I install: "Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Driver Software V17.9.4.1017 For Windows 10"? It's a driver in the motherboard website. Is it mandatory for nvme installation? I've never seen that before.
  3. Why does it matter if I use the top or bottom slot?
  4. Update 5.12.20 - Solved. Thanks guys!!! Hey guys. I'm trying to install a Samsung 970 evo plus 1tb on the bottom M.2 nvme slot of my Z490-E Gaming because I prefer my graphics card on the upper PCI-E slot (so the graphics card is making the upper nvme slot inaccessible). For some reason the new ssd does not appear anywhere on the Uefi bios (It's not recognized), nor can I install the nvme driver from Samsung's site. I try to run the driver but nothing happens. Does anyone know how to install the nvme ssd on this motherboard?? Update: I've moved the NVME
  5. Hey guys, Oculus Link has stopped working after installing Z490 E Gaming motherboard and i7 10700 CPU. Before that I had a z170 pro gaming motherboard and an i7 6700k CPU and it was working ok. I've updated all drivers including BIOS and Chipset. I now receive a "PC not recognized" error from the Link, and usb composite device driver error in device manager. Is there anything I'm missing?
  6. I know that this issue has arisen many times, but I tried everything. Device manager shows "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" on USB Composite device. It only appears when the Quest 2 is connected to my PC. It's connected to my Z490 E Gaming USB type-c port (I also tried Type-A ports, to no avail). Is there a solution or should I refund?