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  1. I have no problem waiting for new gpus for a few more months. I gave my main rig to my brother as a college present, I will be getting a new rig probably in the second half of 2022(hopefully). I just want some good fps till then
  2. Hello everyone.. With all the goodies released(or to be released) recently I am planning on getting a new GPU(very limited budget) for my old system; i7 4790k 2x8 1600mhz ddr3 ram asus h97m-e mobo 250gb sata ssd + 1tb hdd cooler master rs-600-asab-l3 psu (600w) some cooler master case(I am not sure what it is, its been a while) I currently am rocking a 1050ti in the system, however its starting to drop off... I have been thinking of getting one of the new lower end GPUs like 3050ti etc. Would very much love your inputs, thanks in advanc