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    Computers, graphics cards, retro hardware, audio


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    2x 8-core Xeon E5-2690 v2
  • Motherboard
    HP z620 OEM
  • RAM
    8x 4GB Hynix DDR3
  • GPU
    RX 570
  • Case
    HP z620 OEM
  • Storage
    2x 2TB HDD, 1TB Hynix Gold s31
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    850w HP z620 OEM
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    MSI Optix g24c
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    Drop CTRL
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    Logi G602
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    iPhone 3GS (yes)

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  1. They are actually quite good, when it comes to intensive gaming. They make up for lower clock speed with high core count in multithreaded games. However, my machine is mainly used for CAD where I need to do lots of CPU rendering.
  2. If you reapply glue (not too strong, but not your school Elmers glue) not superglue, they go right back on just fine. (I also wouldn't risk hot glue, as you could risk damaging the pads.)
  3. Would love LTT hair tie, it's logical but it would be funny to see Linus demo it as he has like no hair
  4. Done on my g602, you can carefully peel off the pads on the bottom and there are screws. Watch a video on how to safely do though.
  5. Is there any way to adapt a internal Apple II keyboard output to USB? I want to build a sleeper inside of an apple IIe case
  6. I'm building a gaming machine from around 2008. I'm wondering which would be better (only supports dual channel mem): 2x2gb of ddr2 1033 SLI READY or 2x4gb of ddr2 800, not sli ready, just plain old Samsung mem. Thanks!
  7. How many memory channels does the Phenom x4 (specifically the 9650) support? I know it's DDR2, but is it dual or quad. Thanks!
  8. The only website I will visit that makes you turn adblock off is Toms Hardware.
  9. They would have to sacrifice the insane amount of profit they make off those things. For example, the first Apple Watch cost Apple $12 usd to manufacture, but it sold for several hundred. The iPhone 12's manufacturing cost is $373, but isn't it over a thousand for sale? Most companies make 200-300% profit at least from phones.
  10. I have dropped a pentium 4 and it survived... However I believe that such a powerful, fast CPU (that pillow has thousands of threads, whether fabric or otherwise) should not be dropped from a distance of over 0.1 meters.
  11. Mine's similar: Dual 8-core Xeon e5-2690 (2900-3800mHz) RX 570 (waiting for 6800xt to become buyable) Don't have 4 internal drives, but have 2 2tb, 6 platter 7200rpm HDDs in there from 2012, plus SSD Also, I have a soundcard. That's not common these days, but my motherboard audio was just that bad.