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  1. I have an I9 9900KF and i want to pair it with an asus tuf z390 plus gaming is it any good? i a have a 230$ budget oh if it can the mobo to run 5ghz on my i9 and aorus pro/elite/ultra is not in stock in my country in fact if you wanna see what is in stock here it is the site https://www.emag.ro/search/z390?ref=effective_search If it says: "In stock" it means it has it if it says: "ultimul produs in stock" it means that it is the last one and if it says: "stock epuizat" it means they dont have it if you can it should not go over 1000 lei thanks
  2. Sorry just saw mars gaming mc7 the case and i have just intel turbo boost on so 4.7 ghz right now i have it stopped for the temps
  3. CPU:I9 9900KF Cooler: Corsair H100X So when i start to play temps are like 60-70 but they slowly get to 80-85 i have the raditor mounted on the front and i have replace the ml fans for sp120 https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Fans/sp-series-rgb-led-config/p/CO-9050059-WW Here is a photo
  4. ok i will keep my h100x corsair i dont wanna replace it! thx
  5. wow thank you and last question! When i am playing i have 70 -80c but sometimes is spiking for 1 sec to 85 maybe 89 but comes down in less of a sec back to 70 is it a glitch too?
  6. no i mean can you help me about the overrheating problem?
  7. oh well i thats bad for me beacuse for some reason when i open a program my cpu temps go UP
  8. Hello I want to undervolt my cpu i9 9900KF but i cant find the option on motherboard ( i am a noob) i have b360 pro gaming tuf here is a photo: https://ibb.co/wyv4JTf is it cpu core/cache voltage?
  9. nvm not jumping 83 celsius and average 70c is it safe?
  10. yes i really thinked about undervolting cpu! but when i want to try the option in XTU is locked
  11. and cooling sry did not see corsair h100x mounted in front! and 1 fan at back
  12. and 1.392 when stress testing for a few sec just to see
  13. opened hwmonitor got vcore 1.2 average , max 1.392v is it ok?
  14. Umm i cant find vcore( i am a noob) and thats when i am just browsing but when i am playing it gets to 90c where is vcore
  15. Hello! I dont know what to do i have a i9 9900KF and when turbo boost is on I am seeing 1.43 - 1.49 volts everything stock! I dont know what to do I have reealy bad temps too! Mb b360 pro gaming TUF PLEASE I NEED HELP!
  16. everything auto and I am not sure if 1.42 is highest i had cooler on top exhaust and intake and now i have it front as intake
  17. My i9 gets with turbo boost to 1.4v or 1.37 or even 1.42v when I stress test and while I am gaimg it gest even to 90 degress i have a noctua H100X cooler