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  1. Thank you very much for your help friend, this will help me as soon as my new mobo aorus master arrives
  2. omg did that thermal monitor option work, that processor speed reaching almost 5.00ghz is good? Won't my pc explode lol?
  3. the options of my bios are the same by default, I only have xmp configured for the ram memories If when I deactivate the BD PROCHOT option my processor reaches 5.0ghz. if I activate BD PROCHOT it gets stuck at 0.78
  4. yes if I don't run ThrottleStop I'm still stuck with 0.78ghz and 800mhz. but if I activate ThrottleStop my speed goes up to 3.70 or more. I was reviewing the reviews of the mobo that I have the asus rog maximus xii hero and I saw that a person said that he had the same problem of 800mhz due to a factory error and I begin to think that it is the same problem that I have. I did some things on my pc, update the bios to the most recent version, configure the power options and everything remains the same (the first time I used ThrottleStop the BD PROCHOT option had arrow selected) I wil
  5. I opened the ThrottleStop but I do not get the messages in red, no message appears below the 3 core, gpu and ring options but I noticed that the processor speed increased and the performance was now fast compared to before that I did not use ThrottleStop I opened prime95 for do a test and the speed went up it wasn't stuck at 800mhz, I guess I should get a new motherboard?
  6. the speed does not change, I did a test in prime95 and my ram was saturated but the processor never increased the speed and my pc was very slow
  7. no it does not increase at all and when I open programs or applications or some game my pc gets very slow
  8. my processor speed is stuck at 0.78ghz and it is an i9 10900k supposed to have 3.70 base, does anyone know a solution? to be able to have the true speed is desktop pc i have a motherboard asus rog maximus xii hero (wifi) i just updated bios