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  1. just got home and did the above and im still getting the same results. same errors in event viewer
  2. I can't really get a good temp test because prime95 only runs for so long before crashing, but this is what i got before the crash on the temps. and not sure what you need to seee in event viewer but those are the errors on the programs when I do the stress tests. Keep in mind only the programs crash, my pc is still running and operating. So idk if its just a software issue?
  3. temps are okay, I have an aio. unless windows 10 has something idk about that closes programs based on pc temps? cause I thought if temps were an issue the entire pc would crash? can correct me if im wrong, cause I am not 100% at pc stuff. only programs are closing and pc continues to run fine. I can play league of legends just fine as a basic non-stressed game.
  4. PC build: i7 9700k MSI z390 gaming plus motherboard 16gb 3000mhz 750w 80+bronze windows 10 (not sure what other info is needed) Let me start with the situation, Every game I play that looks to use cpu load crashes. During apex legends when a gun fight starts or a bunch of people are around in the game, it crashes. I've tested other games and got the same crashes as well. I have come done so many different test and suggestions that are on the internet that has to do with game crashing etc. I then decided to test each thing on my computer because on