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  1. This new computer I built is having a wide variety of issues. The first is random windows things such as System interrupts and WMI Provider Host taking up nearly 70% of my CPU. The CPU is a 5900x, and my former was an i7 7800x. This is the same data as I had in the old computer, as I used macrium reflect on the new drive. I personally didn't install the bios, I had to take it to a pc store for help for another issue in building, and they went ahead and put the bios on it making sure it booted before giving it back. I don't know if bios or something from the old system is affecting things, so t
  2. If anyone else comes across this I'll clarify the latest. My previous system was an intel system. I mirrored over my old drive to the new one so I didn't loose anything. After building, a psu issue took me to a pc store to fix it, where they ended up installing the bios as well. I am on an X570 i motherboard. It randomly dropped to 0.6 Ghz earlier but after two restarts it went back to normal. I got temperatures open and it was sitting at 40c. Before the issue I was just browsing the web, and the game I opened that brought the issue to my attention was not at all intense, so I highly doubt it
  3. To clarify, i'm now running at 4 Ghz just fine after I tried to restart and go into the bios but I still wonder what caused it to drop to 0.6 in the first place
  4. what would my bios revision be? I'm running a Gigabyte 570x i motherboard. I did mirror my current drive from my old intel based machine, if thats any help. I didn't personally install the bios. I actually ended up taking this to a pc store after it was built because it wouldn't boot from a psu issue, and they went ahead and did that.
  5. I feel like the 90 is just there to tell you the max temp it can go. It started fine after a restart
  6. Yes, I restarted it and now its running fine at 4 GHz. What could cause this? Temps were fine
  7. Ok so I restarted the system and now it's fine running at 4 ghz. I still want to know why it's doing this though
  8. I have a Samsung 980 pro, the pc boots before my keyboard is on. It wasn't like that yesterday but now windows is up before my kb lights up
  9. I just built this system, everything was working fine yesterday even in games. Today I was just watching youtube and decided to open a game. The performance was very bad, so I opened control panel. Turns out the system is running at 0.6 GHz. idk what to do, control pannel isn't showing thermals and neither is hwmonitor. I can barely even make this post. Help
  10. The processor is a 5900x, 1080 gpu, Samsung 980 pro, 700 watt psu, 32gb trident neo ram, the mb is a gigabyte x570 I pro wifi and it has an asetek aio
  11. I just set up my new pc and it won't turn on, but it does have power to the system as some of the rgb lighting is on. I just found out it could be the bios, but using qflash to update it would require me dismantling the system so I want to he absolutely sure that's why it won't work before I redo all my work.
  12. Wish I could but it already has paste on it, it came with it. I'll try it and if it doesn't work idk
  13. This is an am4 bracket on the gigabyte x570 motherboard. I'm installing an Asetek 680LS. I tightened the risers all the way but it's still loose. It still moves up and down even with the screws all the way in. Just wanting to make sure this is okay before continuing the build