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  1. Yes. While it was in there. Used both hdmi and dvi on 2 monitors
  2. Yes. While it was in there. Used both hdmi and dvi
  3. Not sure of all but cpu is a i7 8700 and gpu a gtx 1070. This 1 in The video is a gtx 660 i used to test if it was my gpu it was wrong with. And I just threw it all on the floor not caring about cable management but i did look at all cables and didnt find spots for them VID_20201204_145605.mp4
  4. I need help. My "newly" built pc turns on and thats it. My monitor and usb isnt doing anything. Cpu fan and gpu fan is spinning. have i put cables wrong? It feels like atleast The monitor should work if ive put cables wrong..
  5. You probably have like 10k in parts right there lol
  6. And here i was sittning with a Asus job laptop with a 6520g gpu for years till i bought my own computer
  7. This explains why my graphic card runs 90c. Any tips on cleaning without air compressor? I rather not blow dust into The graphic card even more Edit i have now cleaned it and really surprised by how much better it was, around 25-30c when idle,, Before was it was 60c lol. I get around 60-80 depending if i overclock while in game