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  1. So, it some weird stuff, some of it just normal stuff I didn't catch (e.g. for about 30 minutes I thought the board wouldn't read any NVME's at all, and the BIOS was just frozen and needed reset. I went ahead and did a full update to F11i, the newest version. As of right now the new Sabrent is working. What I found out was this: There's definitely something in the partition that's not passing some kind of check, it's written in the GPT, I'm guessing. When I installed windows fresh, it installed as MBR, not GPT, and I'm reluctant to switch it. The first installation of the Radeon/AMD drive
  2. So, I'm wiping the new NVME drive to do a fresh windows install, because everything on the old board sees the partition as normal. I'm guessing either new security added or old legacy removed. The card just wants something for the system to boot and the BIOS isn't giving it without a working NVME windows partition, meaning as long as one of the drives has one, the system will boot. Will update with any more weirdness in a bit.
  3. Still weird but partial sanity regained. It's something wrong with the windows partition this motherboard/GPU doesn't like. New results: New NVME posted. Cloned old NVME (ADATA) to new NVME (Sabrent), no post Put a third drive NVME (Inland) in with a different working windows partition, and it posts. Attempting to boot to the old partition and it throws an EFI error. There's some kind of EFI check being done that's not passing on that partition that the old board could account for. I expect the old board could switch to some kind of legacy mode and the new board's BIOS
  4. I'm using Acronis, but that's basically what I'm doing. I'm just ducking activation problems by using the same install, rather than a fresh one. An M.2 to PCIE adapter is about the only thing I don't have, presently. I'll update here when I've copied the ADATA to the Sabrent on the old board and installed it on the new one.
  5. Oh, it's fine. I was just hoping I'd stumble upon someone else who found the same issue, or had more intimate knowledge of the BIOS and PCI lanes than I do. I've the replacement NVME in hand, a Sabrent from a black Friday deal. I'm trying that tonight. I'm going to attempt to keep my original windows installation, but we'll see. I just don't want funny business with Windows Activation.
  6. So am I. Yes, it's been reseated numerous times. The best part is if I leave it in and swap the GPU it boots all the way to windows. OR if I remove it, Red Devil posts, and I've been able to install windows 10 on another SSD successfully. The system will not post on the combination of the ADATA, the Red Devil, or the B550 board. If I change any of these three parts, it can post. I've numerous systems, and lots of spare parts to use. I've tried 3 different CPUs, no change. 3 Different memory kits, no change. The parts still boot to the last motherboard used in the sys
  7. Checked the socket. It would have to be 3 CPU's with the same bad pins. Tried the 5800X, a 3600, and a 1700X, same result.
  8. No dice. Tried every setting, same result. The 1050 ti I'm using to swap fast will boot, the Red Devil will not.
  9. It does, and I have NOT tried that. Follow up in a bit on that.
  10. Tried it. Tried a different PSU, too. 650W installed, also tried a 700W of the same quality.
  11. Yes. Also tried both newest revisions F10 and F11i for the board.
  12. So, last week I managed to get ahold of a R7 5800x, and went ahead and snagged it and a Gigabyte B550 AORUS PRO AC. I tried to boot an older CPU to update the BIOS on got nothing. So I used their Q-Flash feature, and updated to the newest BIOS (f11i). Nothing. No post. So I go about troubleshooting the issue to make sure I don't have a dead part, and it turns out this board will not post with my Power Color Red Devil Radeon RX 5700 xt and my ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB at the same time. Things I've tried to do: Three other video cards (1050 ti, 1060 3GB, RX 570) posts