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  1. Okay, nevermind.. it just started charging again after I left it plugged in for 2 hours Thanks for answering though
  2. Can I fix that or is it just broken permanently?
  3. Dell latitude e7440 onboard diagnostics report its using a 1w ac adapter for some reason i had error (alert! the ac adapter cannot be determined) the battery light blinked orange but soon enough it stopped the battery reports its gonna last way longer than its supposed to (windows battery estimate) this all happened when i used the wrong charger
  4. nevermind, let the battery rest and now it reads a reasonable time but it doesnt charge
  5. on windows. its also from 2014 (latitude e7440)
  6. It says "4000 hours remaining". Used the wrong charger, think its broken now. How do I reset the battery? (dell)
  7. apparently people could use 1050tis in the slot, so i know it works