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  1. I did an AMD stress test. 100% usage temps reached 75C, ran it for 5 minutes. However, after that I opened COD and Valorant, cpu usage 30-40% and temps reached 80-90C.
  2. So I set all my fans on full speed and my cpu fan ran at 100% while my temperature still being at 42-50C on boot and idle.
  3. Just tightened the screw was able to tighten it by one fourth rotation on every screw. But the temps didn't go down. Still sitting on 42 idle and goes to 85 C in 5 min while gaming.
  4. Fan is spinning perfectly fine, feel like something is wrong with how the thermal paste is or the contact between cpu and cooler is not that good.
  5. I just got the Noctua u12a, but was still surprised why the stock cooler is performing this bad. After opening it up will check how uneven the thermal paste spread is.
  6. CPU fan does run at 100% while gaming so its loud, but as soon I close the game cpu goes down to 50 degrees in 5 min.
  7. Thanks, I will open it up and check if its properly tightened.
  8. The stock cooler had pre applied thermal paste, so I didn't apply any extra, and yes the cpu has a TDP of 65 watts.
  9. No, I am not overclocking at all. I am pretty sure I tightened the screws and made sure by slightly shaking the cooler to make sure it was in place.
  10. So, I just built my first PC using Ryzen 5 5600x cpu, Nvidia 3080 as gpu, and MSI gaming B550 carbon wifi as motherboard. After two days, I was playing cod cold war, and I noticed my cpu core temperature to be 91 C after just 30 minutes of play. The cooler I am using is the AMD stealth stock cooler which is not that great and ordered Noctua u12a after seeing these alarming temperatures, the fans were running at full speed and the cpu usage was around 35-40%. After watching some Youtube videos, I saw stock cooler goes around 88 at 100% cpu usage. The case I am using is P300A with two intake fan