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  1. Unfortunately this is not the case. I checked my CPU just to make sure and no dice. My PC is continuously staying on as well. No restarts or similar.
  2. Thought I would update: I've reset the CMOS via battery and have updated my BIOS via USB flashback. Unfortunately this has also turned my VGA light on as well as my Boot light. I'm truly at a loss here.
  3. I've already tried booting with a single stick. Unfortunately no dice. Will do. How long is long enough that it's safe to assume RAM training isn't an issue? As for boot drive, what's the case if it's a first launch with 3 drives? I'm not too sure what would happen.
  4. Just as the title says. I've put everything together and my boot QLED stays on. Everything spins as expected but I get no video output detected from either GPU or mobo. I've tried checking my SATA cables and such, and have rescrewed my M.2 in both slots. I've updated my BIOS via USB flashback. Please help! Here's my build, if it helps: https://nz.pcpartpicker.com/list/MGgwqp Hi guys, thought I'd update. My first CMOS reset didn't seem to fix the issue, as it was immediately followed by a BIOS update via USB flashback. A second CMOS reset without a BIOS flashback seems to