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  1. Wow the MoCA thing is very interesting thanks for your feedback
  2. My family recently got a new router that's been causing connectivity issues with my mouse and headset since it's right in my room, our house does not have ethernet so all the networking is in my room. So the only solution I could think of was to get a WiFi card so I could move it out of my room plus my brother has had connectivity since he's on the other side of the house which moving the router would also help, but alas I haven't a clue what to use I have a b360 pro 4 mother board so I have a spare pci-e, pci-e single, and e key m.2 slot. By the way the m.2 supports 2230 wifi/bt module and In
  3. By the way my current system is 8 GB of rip jaw 4x2 RAM i5-8400 CPU GTX 1050 (Over Clocked) GPU 860 EVO SSD B360 Pro4 Motherboard rosewill hive PSU phanteks p300 case
  4. I'm looking for a new power supply because mine is both incredibly loud and I'm concerned that it won't be able to handle an rtx 3060 because I'm also planning to upgrade my graphics card. From my research the Rosewill capstone is a fine option however id like to know how loud it is
  5. 8 GB of rip jaw 4x2 RAM       i5-8400 CPU       GTX 1050 (Over Clocked) GPU       860 EVO SSD       B360 Pro4 Motherboard       

  6. Oh mabey I'm not actually home at the moment so I can't check
  7. I'm really not playing any graphically intensive games and the game that has been suffering is elite dangerous and task manager says it's the CPU
  8. I have an I5 3600 the main game I've been playing is elite dangerous I have an gtx 1050 graphics card but I'm not really playing any particularly graphically intensive games and the reason for a new CPU is while I have been playing elite dangerous I've been experiencing stutters which from task manager says it's the CPU
  9. So I'm trying to keep a relatively right budget because I'm a child and this is for Christmas I'm already getting a new bike but if love to update my cpu because I'm running an I5 I think 3600 so should I just go I7 or get a whole new motherboard and go AMD?